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Saturday, June 27, 2009

What a Croc!

Our hats are off to Crocadoca. He's handsome. He's debonair. He wears a fedora, and hangs out with the way cool Bossy Bear and Turtle. What more could you ask for?

Well, just look at that face. Now, imagine it.....glowing.

Don't strain your brain. Instead, click here.

Wowzer. Right?
That's a pic from Uglyblog. Those lovelies are limited edition Glow in the Dark Crocadoca's that will be available at the Toy Tokyo Booth at SDCC on Saturday from noon to 1pm, during David Horvaths signing session.

Got a fav? I'm liking the blue on blue version.

Want one? Me too. If I get any other info on the whereabouts of these fellows following SDCC, I'll post it here pronto. I'm thinking ebay fore sure. Hopefully there'll be a few left for retail release. We shall see.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Wedgehead Uglydoll Bliss

Our new arrival. What could be sweeter.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Chuckanucka's Journey

This is our Chuck. He knows how to have fun. Can you tell?

His latest plan was to journey to the center of the Earth. We explained that would cost all of his savings and take so long he would miss Ugly Independence Day on July 8. So he opted for a free DVD copy of Journey to the Center of the Earth, along with 4 excellent pair of 3-D glasses from our local library.

Not all our Uglydolls wanted to go to the center of the earth, even if they could do it from the sofa. But of course, we a had a few takers.

Ice Bat liked the deep, cold caves but stayed away from the molten core.

Wedgehead thought the mining car ride was the most exciting. Like a roller coaster!

And Chuck? He just liked hanging with his friends. There's no place like home.

Who got the 4th pair of 3-D glasses, you must be wondering. I did.

Monday, June 22, 2009

Make way for Uppy

Uppy is part of the new Uglydoll line-up for 2009. And he's in Pre-order status. That's code for, get ready, make space, here he comes!

His color reminds me of the delicious berry color of one of the six Ox's that are out for Year of the Ox. (A post is coming on those guys soon.)

I love those ears. Kinda moose-like. Yet very feathery. His upward hands tell me he's happy, eager, and as excited to see me as I am to see him.

Uppy is a avowed optimist. He and I will definitely get along.

Here's David Horvath's description of Uppy's personality:
"You'll never meet anyone more optimistic than Uppy. He's super positive!
He's positive that the snack you have in your hand belongs to him, and
that your bank account should be in his name, not yours. Uppy is sure of
things. He's sure that you guys would make the perfect team, and that your
team should make it's way down to the bakery to order something really super
delicious. You handle the money part and Uppy is sure he can do all the eating.
No worries."

He'll be available in all four Uglydoll sizes from clip-on all the way up to 2 feet! Click the Official Uglydoll Store link on the right of this blog to go straight to the source.

Or paste this into your browser.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Sailor Trunko??

News Flash! David just said "Sailor Trunko" on his Twitter. That's it. That's all he said. Take from it what you may. But, WOWZER.

There WILL be a plush released at SDCC. So 2 + 2= Sailor Trunko.
David wrote that his is his favorite limited edition plush so far. It's a must have in my book.

Second News Flash. Uglydoll zipper pulls will be released in the US after the Singapore Comic Convention in August. These can also be used as cell phone toys if you have a phone with the little external antenna. As Gato Deluxe says on Uglyblog, "Only works with cool phones". I have a cool phone. And you thought those Blackberries were cool.

I am already scoping all the places I can hang these.

Check the Uglyblog:

Uglydoll Intrigue: SDCC 2009

I just grabbed this off David Horvath's Uglyblog. His blog entry is an ever so intriguing sneak look at things to come from San Diego Comic Con 2009. Are they plush? Are they vinyl? Are they cookie dough? How about Rubber? Balloons? Are they floating and flying? Big? Small?

Is it a photographers trick? What IS that unusual texture? It doesn't look like traditional Ugly plush.

Our friend Purpgee thinks these may be people inside Ugly costumes. Maybe!

Just when I thought I could relax, David posts more pictures on his blog. There is no rest for the Uglydoll fan! Whoopee. I love it that way.

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Mystery Special Delivery Part 4

Ahhh. Postmaster Hunphrey Wedgie is happy to see that our new arrival is a happy and friendly Uglydog.
Wedgehead White Cat (on left) is trying to comprehend how a 12" Uglydog can fit in a 3 " shipping box.

We think Pink Uglydog knew all along.

We named the new fellow Houdini, for obvious reasons. Harry for short.

We love you, Harry H Uglydog.

Friday, June 19, 2009

Mystery Special Delivery Part 3

Wedgehead White Cat decides to lend a hand and give the new guy tug. Postmaster Humphrey Wedgie is still somewhat stunned.

It just keeps coming. And did we say...3 inch box?

Mystery Special Delivery Part 2

As you can see from the prior post, we had a mystery special delivery box. There's been some recent movement. Our Postmaster Humphrey Wedgie, pictured on the right, is clearly concerned.
Our new guy on left, Wedgehead White Cat, is simply mezmerized. Whatever could be coming out of a 3 inch high box?

We don't know what our Uglydog is thinking.

Check back soon. Will keep you posted as updates develop.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Mystery Special Delivery

What's this? Postmaster Humphrey Wedgehead (on right) discovers we missed a package. What could it BE?
Check back soon for the answer!

We have a new White Cat...Sorta

The Uglydoll Wedgehead on the left is our newest family member. He kinda snuck up on us, so he didn't have a welcome comittee. In true Ugly style, these two cuties stepped up to say hello.

The first thing out of the new guys mouth was "White Cat". When we asked his name, White Cat. Well, ok. That's fine with us. White Cat is it.

All our Uglies head right over to the Ugly Clinic where our Dr. Max Abima gives them a thorough exam. (He has the hands of a surgeon). There we fluff and clean, snip and sew as needed. For our new fellow, we began plucking white cat hairs off his body. We know there is a story there. But we also know not to ask.

Welcome Wedgie White Cat.

Pictured left to right" Wedgehead White Cat, Uglydog, and Wedgie Humphrey, who runs our home post office and message center. At a nickel per service, he is quite a bargain.

If you would like a similar package to arrive at your door, click here to be taken to the Official Uglydoll Store. Or google Wedgehead Uglydoll. Or check your local toy store. He may be waiting for you!

Boatload of Bony's

This boatload of Littlebony's is excited. Why? Because some Bony relatives are coming. In a few days, we'll have more Bony's. And there's nothing better than MORE Littlebony's.

These Little guys are the smallest in the Bony line-up. But they have all the personality of their much bigger brothers.

Japan must be a really fun place, because they have the coolest crane prizes, kaiju, robots, and toys in general. These Littlebony's were crane prizes or capsule toys. Imagine putting in your money, lowering the crane boom, and coming out with one of these. Where I live we never get anything great like this from a crane game. Sigh.

Plus, Japan has the animated Littlebony show. But not here in the USA. Double sigh. Due to this deficite in material, I don't know all I'd like to know about Littlebony. I do know he's another creation from David Horvath and Sun-Min Kim. He's part of a show that is about the body and movement. He's cute to the tenth power.
The Bony offerings in Japan are vast. There are Littlebony bento boxes, cups, forks, keychains, (click for pic) plush toys in several sizes, books, and the list goes on. I saw a photo of a retail stop in Tokyo stuffed with Littlebony's. My eye nearly popped out.

Check back soon for the arrival pics of the new Littlebony's joining our family. There's even a Little Pinky, and she is.... PINK!

Are you now saying, I gotta have me some Bony's? If so, your work is cut out for you, unless you live in Japan. I think part of the joy of collecting is the waiting and watching for hard to find items. So get ready for some BIG joy. You'll need to watch eBay. If you belong to a toy collectors forum, you might pick some of from boardies. It's a waiting game where patience pays off. If this sounds like too much trouble and you decide to fly to Japan for the Bony's, email me! I have my wish list ready to go.
OR, you can click over to Giant Robot where they still have a very limited selection if Littlebony's in stock. Grab one while you can.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Mr. Yamada has arrived!

Mr. Yamada is here, after traveling all the way from the State of Maryland. We'd planned a big shebang to welcome him. But before he could get all the way out of his travel envelope our Abima Milton grabbed him up and has not let go. Here you see Milty, with his red arms wrapped tightly around his new esteemed friend. We've not heard one note of complaint in Mr. Yamada's tune. He seems perfectly suited to being worshiped and adored.

Mr. Yamada is a handmade plush toy limited to the one you see here. Now that's limited! He's the creation of the artist, Digitalized, and is his first venture into plush.

How did our Big Uglydoll Family happen to luck upon the Mr.? It was by chance. I'd say we rarely if ever win anything. But when we do, it's a lollapalooza. We won the chance to purchase Mr. in a raffle on the blog of the artist who made him.

Digitalized not only sent us Mr. Yamada, but also surprised us with several of his original drawings. Even the envelope Mr. arrived in was adorned with original art. Way cool. Of course we will be keeping any and all art, including the envelope.

Mr. Y's hang tag is also hand drawn, signed, and includes a little story of Mr. Yamada I will share with you.

"This one of a kind Mr. is lonely. Why? He doesn't have his suit case! See that long gap in his arms? Just waiting for a suit case..."

With Abima Milty to distract and entertain him, the days will fly by until his luggage catches up with him.

Our thanks to Digitalized for the awesome, one-of-a-kind, never seen before or again, Mr. Yamada.

Turny Burny Uglydolls Are Out

My sources tell me that the much anticipated Turny Burny Uglydoll is poking his head up here and there in local stores. I can hardly wait to get mine. He's still a pre-order on most web stores, meaning you can put him in your cart and buy him, but they don't have him yet . However, a couple of ebay sellers appear to actually have Turny Burny in hand. Emphasis on appear. So that means he is rolling, floating, or flying to your local toy store right about now.

He's a two-sided Uglydoll in the spirit of Bop N Beep. You don't get two separate dolls like some people think. But in a way, you do. Just flip him.

Look at those amazing hands. Or are those flippers? You make the call. Love the whirlly curly ears. Or are those antenna? Or horns? Again, you make the call.
I like him a LOT. Once I meet him, it will be love.

He'll be offered in all four Uglydoll sizes:
  • Clip-on (roughly 4"),
  • Little Ugly 7",
  • Classic Ugly 12-14",
  • 2 foot Ugly (24" for those who missed that day in math).
  • Prices usually range from 6.00 to 50.00. Depending on the size of your need and your wallet you can pick the Turny Burny that is just right for you. Some savvy shopping will often yeild some discounts, such as reduced price, free shipping, bonus points toward other purchases etc.
Now remember, when you decide to adopt, keep pics, paperwork, dates, notes of interest, photos of the store, funny comments from sales clerks etc for your Uglydoll Memory Book. Click here to see earlier post on that.

BIG NOTE: Turny Burny also comes in a Black and White flip version. The white side has some very appealing red eyes.

My Ugly Bag

My Ugly bag
Originally uploaded by Dragon's Landing

Just took a photo for a Flickr group called "What's in Your Bag". Is it any surprise that when I emptied my bag for the photo it was chock full of Ugliness.
Click here to check out the Flickr group. Snoop through other people's bags, and maybe share yours.

Scrap Book Fun with Uglydolls

Collecting Uglydolls is the best kind of fun. And once you have an Uglydoll Family there are all sorts of great projects to do with them. This is a page from my Uglydoll Memory Book. It is a combination scrap book and photo album.
To make this album, I got an Uglydoll Journal. This one has Ox on the front. Then I take pictures of my Uglies and print them out on regular paper, rather than photo paper. This makes them more economical, plus they lay flat in the book and aren't too bulky for pages that were meant to serve as a written journal. I also type up a bio, or other tid bit for the page. After cutting these items down to size, I use a glue stick and put them in.
Sometimes I load the picture into a program such as MS Publisher where I can arrange the text around the photo. Then I set the page size in Publisher to match the size of my journal page and print.
David Horvath, Uglydoll creator and artist, put darling little drawings of Uglydolls on each page of this lined journal. So when I can, I don't paste over his drawings, as seen in the example here. See little green Wedgehead and Ox in the bottom left corner? Other times I can't avoid it, and have to cover them up. I struggle with this aspect a bit, because it's hard to slap glued paper over the drawings.
When I get a new Uglydoll, whether it's from a retail store, a forum member, or ebay, I keep a record of when and where the adoption took place so I can add the information to my album. Sometimes the Ugly will have a special story or circumstance, and I'll note that. If the Uglydoll has a special event , such as in the example pictured here, I make a page for that. It's all just fun. So anything you decide goes, goes.
I have more ideas for Uglydoll Scrapbooking I'll share with you soon.

This is the front of the Ox Uglydoll Journal. It is normally used as a diary style journal, but can easily do double duty as a scrap book. You can't tell from the photo, but the book is soft and covered with fabric. It's actually cuddly. Ox is embroidered on the front with very smooth, light colored stitches, and he puffs out from the cover a bit. These journals are no hunk o' junk. They are squeezy, softy quality through and through. I have no end of enjoyment looking at the inside cover. It is completely covered in tiny Uglydoll faces. I'd show you, but I want it to be a surprise.
These Uglydoll journals come with other Uglydoll personalities on the front, such as Ice Bat, Uglyworm, and Babo.

They are currently available over at the Official Uglydoll Store if you want one for yourself. Or maybe two, or four. I have four. No. I have more than that. Anyway, you can use any kind of book you have to make your Uglydoll Family Book. So if you can't come up with one of these extraordinary journals, use what you have. Plock some Uglydoll pics on the front, and make it your own. Enjoy.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Golden Ugly Day of No Worky

This is Uglydoll Chuckanucka. We call him Chuck. He's wearing a new winter hat I found at a summer sale at REI for small money due to the off-season. This is the first beany style hat I've ever seen with a draw string to accommodate many head sizes. And it's so softy. Will I be able to locate this cozy hat come winter time? We shall see.

Here we find Chuck observing Golden Ugly Day of No Worky, June 11th. He hopes you were able to join him and just kick back.

If you missed it, Chuck thinks this holiday could float to a weekend day. So you're not too late.


Chuck has some brothers for adoption. Click here if you're interested. He's a charmer!

SPECIAL NOTE: Chuck was my first Uglydoll.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Ugly Day June 8th

All in all, Wage had a wonderful
Ugly Day. Perhaps a little uneventful, but nice.

Hope yours was just as good.

Sunday, June 7, 2009

It's Nap Day

A quick look at the Uglydoll Calendar and you know why these guys are all snuggled up in the middle of the day. June 7th is Nap Day. Already on their 3rd nap, these guys are planning to squeeze in a 4th. Why so much napping? Because tomorrow is UGLY DAY and they want to be rested and ready for action.

Early Alert: Thursday, June 11th is Golden Ugly Day of No Worky. Clear your calendar now. The rest will take care of itself.

The more you look at the Uglydoll Calendar, the more you see. And the more it sees you. Just because it's already June, don't think it is too late to get this awesome calendar. Just think of all the holiday's you'll miss without it. Plus there are the stickers. I'll try to scan in a sample soon to show you. The stickers alone are worth the price of a calendar. At least they are to me. I bought two calendars to get the extra set. If you want one, do a Google search for Uglydoll Calendar. At the time of those posting still has some, as do other retailers.

Pictured left to right: Clip-on Bea Fea and Chuckanucka, 14" Fea Bea, Series 3 Little Purple Chuckanucka, Sneak Preview Wedgehead, Series 3 Little Uglydog, Clip-on Uglyworm, Series 3 Little Fea Bea (aka Ugly Stick )
Want one? All except Sneak Preview Wedgehead are available at many online retailers such as Uglydoll Shop. Also, check your local toy store.

Now GO take a nap.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Award Winners Winkolina and Trunko

It's official. Winkolina and Trunko win Parents Choice Award 2009! Woot. Woot. This is big.

Our Winkolina's wasted no time in stepping into their new role as award winning stars of plushdom. It's been a dizzy day of photo ops, interviews, and snacks. Trunko was delayed in travel and missed the photo set, so the Winkie's saved his snacks for him. In their tummies.

Being a proud Mommie of Winkolina's myself, I can only imagine how pleased Uglydoll creators David Horvath and Sun-Min Kim must be with this award. They are again to be congratulated for redefining plain and Ugly and transforming them into award winning qualities.

In in the midst of fun and festivites the question remains, however, on the minds of many. What about The Kasoogi's? Why were they passed over for this award? Were they even nominated? Were they ROBBED?

Mr. and Mrs. Kasoogi are unconcerned with such trivialities. They are thrilled for their fellow Uglydolls. An award for one is an award for all!

But still, the question will linger for those of us who love and admire The Kasoogi's. Maybe I need to be hit with the Ugly Stick!

Whack. That's better.

Want your own award winning Uglydoll? Click here to go to the Uglydoll Store. Winkolina and Trunko come in 4 sizes: Clip-on, Little Ugly, Classic Ugly 14", and 2 foot Ugly. There's one for every lifestyle.