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Monday, May 30, 2011

Uglydoll Movie! Wippy's Dream Come True

Did you just see Wippy dashing past?  Wait Wippy! Where are you going in such a hurry?

He told me he was VERY excited about the new Uglydoll Animated full feature film and was in a GIANT hurry to see it. I was able to distract him just enough to tell him that Illuminations Entertainment is just in the early stages of the project, but if he'll come back home I'll rent him Despicable Me. He was ok with that but be forewarned.  Do not get between Wippy and his front row seat at the Uglydoll screening. You could get hurt. He has the legs of a thundering bison.

Monday, May 23, 2011

Brad Luck

Do you have Brad Luck?

I don't have Brad Luck myself.  But I fully intend to.

He's up for pre-order on the Uglydoll website.

Citizens of the Uglyverse are climbing into the staging area and getting ready to join their new families.  Brad Luck is Citizen #1, an auspicious position to hold.

The Citizens are about 10" tall, give or take.  Along with the "middle" size comes the middle price tag of only 15.00 dollars. That's only 1.50 per inch for what may very well be your best friend and pal for life.  VERY reasonably priced.

Here's his bio written by David Horvath: Brad is one lucky guy. Well for starters you’re reading his tag. What a lucky break! The next thing you know, you guys will be sitting across from each other sending text messages to other people far away, just like they do in the movies! Horray for Hollywood! He’s also lucky because you know how silly that sounds.

Hey Brad.  I have a seat saved for you at Starbucks.  We'll settle in and do some power texting as soon as you get here.  Until then, here's my first text message to you...."Take your time, but hurry.  I can hardly wait to meet you!"

Ultra Convenient Link to Brad

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Ugly Shire Spring

White Cat and Humphrey are Wedgehead's in charge of our Ugly Communications Center.  Tracking and reporting  the weather is one of the many functions they enjoy.  One of the can often be heard calling out the current temperature indoors and out.  Today Humphrey said in a voice loud and proud, "66 over 62"!  Our weather has been so cool that we all rushed to the Comm Center to see the display.  There is was.  66 degrees outside!  Humphrey and White Cat are never wrong. With them, precision is an art.