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Thursday, April 14, 2011

Dave Heads to Work

On such a wet and chilly day, Dave Darinko knew he was needed at the office.  His personal brand of glowing enthusiasm is pure sunshine.  So he  donned his best red bow and waited by the door.  Big Wage gave him 2.00 for lunch, a 100% increase over the 1.00 he usually issues.   We're not sure if this is due to Dave's double appetite or inflation.

We're certain Dave will be a bright spot amidst inclement weather.  It's just in his nature.

Need some sunshine in your day?  Adopt your own Dave over here at the Uglydoll Store.  He comes in 4 sizes and two colors: gray or red. With prices ranging from 6.00 to 40.00, there is a Dave for every space and budget.
Rumor has it our family will soon adopt a Little Red Dave.

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