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Sunday, August 26, 2012

Sun-Min Sunday #1--Red Ninja Batty Shogun

Welcome to Sun-Min Sunday, the first installment of an on-going focus on the work of one of my two favorite artists, Sun-Min Kim. 

Sun-Min Kim and David Horvath are the creators of the amazing Uglydoll line of toys, as well as numerous other creative endeavors. If you google her name you will find some interviews and information, along with the heart-warming love story about the beginning of Uglydolls. It's well worth a read.

In the early days of Uglydoll, now celebrating their 10th anniversary, Sun-Min sewed each and every Uglydoll herself.  She sewed and sewed until she was unable to keep up with demand and they found a factory to take over retail production. But before the factories, it was all HANDMADES, and all Sun-Min.  It is to her talent, her drive, her skill and vision that Sun-Min Sunday is dedicated.

When I adopted my first Uglydoll I had no idea it would lead to a passion for handmade plush works of Sun-Min.  I just found this one odd looking brown guy, Chuckanucka, alone in a basket in a grocery store and brought him home. It was love!
As I became more connected to the online Uglydoll community,  I was introducted to the history and beginnings of Uglydoll: the handmade works of Sun-Min!

In the first years I admired from afar, sifting through photos in private collections of her plush works and paintings. I could see from the photos  that there was something very unique and special about the handmade Uglydolls.  I waited, and wished, and saved, and one day I was fortunate enough to adopt my first from one of these Uglydoll families. I will feature him at a later date.

Today the spotlight is on Red Ninja Batty Shogun.  He is the only Batty in this color and comes from the Dehara and David Have Mono Show at Stitch, Tokyo, Japan. 

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