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Sunday, September 9, 2012

Sun-Min Sunday #3--Spiderboom Circus Punk

I have two favorite Circus Punks.  Sun-Min's Spiderboom is one of those two.
This one is number 107 of 150.  Check out the website of the company that produced them,  Circus Punks. Be ready for eye-popping color and mind-bending designs.

For more fun, explore Circus Punks on ebay and have and look at some of the vintage offerings.  Circus Punks were also called Knock Down Dolls and populated the stalls at circuses, fairs, carnivals.  Visitors would throw balls at them to knock them down and win a prize.  Now the prize is the Circus Punk itself!

Sun-Min Kim and David Horvath have taken their designs and melded them with other traditions from the past.  Circus Punks is just one of those great pairings.

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