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Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Green Abima is in the House

No adult supervision leads to all kinds of fun. As soon as Winged Green Abima arrived from Tokyo he whipped the cape off my old Ice Bat and got spooky.

His black wings are velvety soft. Bright yellow eyes give rise to a very cheerful expression. Green Abima is from a limited edition of 25, from Uglycon Tokyo 2008. Four color sets of Abima's with Wings were released at Uglycon:
  • Our Green boy pictured here
  • Red Abima with black wings
  • Black Abima with red wings
  • Pink Abima with blue wings
Each is a limited run of 25. We count ourselves lucky to have one. He brings happiness to our home, and a smile to my face each time I see him.

Stay tuned for photos of our other Uglycon treasures.

Green Abima is another brilliant manifestation from the mind of Uglydoll creator, David Horvath.

Thursday, October 9, 2008

It's Johnny's Birthday

Have you ever heard the Beatles song that says "It's Johnny's birthday, it's Johnny's birthday..."? Is that the title as well? Anyway, the way-back machine is not working perfectly today, but I think it might have been on the White Album.
Well, today it IS Johnny's birthday. Happy Birthday John Lennon. And Happy Birthday Sean Lennon. A shared birthday is very special.
Love to you John, and Sean.

Cloning Sheriff Dart

I'm not yet a big fan of cloning, but if we're going to clone, for heavens sake let's clone Sheriff Dart. Standing between innocent renters and surprise eviction is Sheriff Thomas J Dart of Cook County, Illinois, a county that includes Chicago. , who today refused to do the dirty work of banks by putting unsuspecting renters out of their homes and on the street. Some say he is breaking the law he swore to uphold. Others, like myself, see a heroic person who stands up for what is right, even if it means going against established laws designed to protect some and not others. He may suffer from this. Might even lose his job for taking this stand. But he will not lose my respect, his self-respect, or the personal qualities that make him say NO in the face of powerful, greedy forces bent on mindlessly ripping lives apart.
This article explains the plight of renters facing eviction because their landlord did not pay the mortgage. Can the banks do any more to ruin their reputation? We shall see.

After we clone Sheriff Dart, let's spread him around on school boards, committees, and even up at the highest government levels. Any place that we need integrity and a cool eye for fairness.

Next I plan to navigate over to The Cook County Sheriff's Office and give Sheriff Dart a personal high five for being a real, feeling, thinking human being! I invite you to join me! Here's the email address. You can also see his picture there. On top of all his virtues, he's also a fairly handsome fellow.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Choco's Chicko Not-So-Sicko Soup

Choco may not have made it in the chocolate factory, but he has other skills. Here he is seen creating his Choco's Chicko Not-So-Sicko Soup that put us all to rights within an hour. Target says it will put hair on your chest. He should know.

My Hero, (or my alter ego)

Originally uploaded by Dragon's Landing
Here he is, my hero, Wage. I hope everyone gets an up-close and personal look at Orange Kaiju Wage. He is extraordinary. (Ok, Mary, I've posted, and it's all your fault. :) :)

Made my day!

Originally uploaded by DAVIDUGLY
Oh my gosh! I just found this on the Uglydoll photostream. It is practically perfect in every way, just like Mary Poppins. I can't stop smiling. With this face in it, the world is a better place. There may even be hope for the economy in that eye. Yes, hope.