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Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Green Abima is in the House

No adult supervision leads to all kinds of fun. As soon as Winged Green Abima arrived from Tokyo he whipped the cape off my old Ice Bat and got spooky.

His black wings are velvety soft. Bright yellow eyes give rise to a very cheerful expression. Green Abima is from a limited edition of 25, from Uglycon Tokyo 2008. Four color sets of Abima's with Wings were released at Uglycon:
  • Our Green boy pictured here
  • Red Abima with black wings
  • Black Abima with red wings
  • Pink Abima with blue wings
Each is a limited run of 25. We count ourselves lucky to have one. He brings happiness to our home, and a smile to my face each time I see him.

Stay tuned for photos of our other Uglycon treasures.

Green Abima is another brilliant manifestation from the mind of Uglydoll creator, David Horvath.


  1. I love him! You have him displayed very nicely, too! Yes, post the other treasures soon! I'm still in Ugly Doll withdrawals! I have to live vicariously through you for now!

  2. Happy Halloween! Blogland is lonely without you!