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Monday, December 22, 2008

Red Tooth Wedgehead VINYL

I am SO psyched. Just saw on Uglyblog that my beloved Red Tooth Wedgehead is being immortalized in VINYL.

David Horvath mentions in his blog that great time and care was taken to insure that the blue of the body matched the blue of the arms. The Uglydoll company always comes through with a top quality, safe, and amazing product.

The release is just around the corner at New York Comic-con. Since I can't travel to New York, I will start early to develop a strategy to get one of these beauties. I'd like to avoid paying flipper prices on ePay, but that may be my only recourse. Have any suggestions on how to get one straight from Comic-con?

My Red Tooth Wedge wanted me to post his picture too, so you can see the amazing resemblence to his Action Figure. They nailed it, didn't they!

The creative genius of David Horvath and Sun-Min Kim rolls on and on.

With the exception of the Uglydogs, I have a set of the Critterbox release of Uglydolls first Vinyls, and they are top notch. I am so looking forward to the next generation of action figures from Uglydoll.
My impression is that the upcoming action figures will be slightly smaller than the Critterbox Vinyls, and will move at waist, rather than at the neck.

Below I've included a pic of the older Critterbox version of Vinyl Wedgehead standing next to a snack bag of Cheetos, Little Ice Bat, and Little Tray. It's a good size comparison. Wedge is wearing his neck warmer because he is out on a visit to a friends office.

For those of you who are now saying, hey, there is ALREADY a Vinyl Wedge, so what's the big deal, I have two words. Red Tooth!

Note: The Critterbox Vinyls are no longer in production.

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Fantasy Christmas List

Little Weloos Mom suggested the Fantasy Christmas List of things you'd buy if you were rich rich rich.
So far I've come up with a couple items, but more to follow.

The Batman Button. $50.00

Of course I grab this set of Uglydog Vinyls with bowl for 1500.00
And I'd grab a set for Mary.

Angrite Meteorite. One of only 12 known to exist on earth.
This one weighs in at 5.26 pounds. Too big for a pocket worry stone,
but perfect for a door stop, or to stuff behind the car tire on a hill.
$15,548,000.00. Yep, fifteen mil and change.