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Friday, April 24, 2009

Tin Thunder Robot

Look what I found! I think this is an original Thunder Robot from the 1960's. Check out the other cool Tin Robots on this website.
I have always loved Robots, from the early guys on Star Trek, Lost in Space, and Star Wars, to the current awesome badness of Cameron on Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles. Robots ROCK! So I was really pleased to discover this fine fellow, Thunder Robot is available in a re-released that looks pretty fine. His antenna spins, he walks and flashes a light through the window in his head and eyes, arms raise and fire cannons while flashing and vibrating. I feel the need for some additional shelving is on the horizon. A nice set of Tin Robots along side the Uglydolls would be delightful. Hey, maybe David Horvath will make his Ugly Robot into a Tin Robot. How could it be better than that?
Want your own Thunder Robot? Here you go.


  1. Oh, he is too cool. Did you see the robot I found recenlty? He's in one of my last few posts. He's a wind-up, too!

  2. Cool robot!

    Ever think of getting an UltraMan?
    My Cousins have an old 60's wind up one of him, and I'm facinated by him.

  3. Mary, I'm on my way over to see your Robot.
    Digitalized, off to google UltraMan. I LOVE robots! Wow, from the 60's! That's cool.