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Monday, April 27, 2009

Red Tooth Wedghead is in the building.

Red Tooth Wedgehead Action Figure has arrived. First rate action figure from his twisty waist, to his bright red teeth. The finish and color on these new Uglydoll Mini Vinyl's is perfecto. The colors are bright without being harsh. Their little arms are also adjustable. This 3 inches of vinyl is packing a full 6 inches of fun or more. They are badder than toys twice their height.
Anticipation can be a slippery slope. You wait, you count the days till release. Maybe you go out and shop for display shelving. After all that waiting, wondering, hoping, imagining, the new release could be blah.
But not with Uglydoll! Nope. These people are the antidote to blah, the Anti-Blah. Everything touched by David Horvath and Sun-Min Kim is endowed with something that begins inside them, and seeps into the pours of their creations. It's part imagination, part fun, a big helping of love, and a dollup of the indescribable.
I mean, look at this picture of Red Tooth. What could be better? Did I mention not only does he stand on his head, but OTHER things can stand on his head as well? Wowzer.
Pic was snapped with my cell phone, but you get the idea.
Want an action figure? I'm sure you do! Here's a link.
Have your own Action Figure? Tell us what you LOVE about it.
These come in Blind Boxes, so you have the added fun of not knowing which of the 12 Uglies you'll get. It's a surprise in every box. Or, you can buy an entire case and have one of each.
(Note that Red Tooth is only in one out of ever four cases, so he can be a little hard to get a hold of. However, the regular Wedgehead's that come in each case are beyond excellent. They just have white teeth.)


  1. pretty cool! still hoping to get a red tooth, when i buy a case someday... i just bought a blind box at a Sanrio Store, which is kind of weird to see uglydolls in that particular store, but anyways i got a wage, i have 2 wages now same color though. So yeah, these action figures are pretty neat and well done.

  2. Hi Hch, I was thinking you might be able to trade one of your matching Wages on the Uglydoll or KR forum to someone who has two of something else. I know having two Wages is not a problem, LOL, but if you wanted to trade I bet you could. I had to get the Red Tooth from a KR member. I didn't get it in the case I bought.

  3. I got a Teal Jeero and an Orange Wage, and I love their hip twisting action!

  4. Digitalized, maybe you will put a pic of your action figures riding your new skate deck on your blog when you get it painted. That would be cool.