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Friday, September 25, 2009

Twas the Night Before Ugly

This week is like the night before Christmas for many devoted Uglydoll collectors. Each day we are anticipating the arrival of our newly adopted handmade Uglydolls. Other collectors await their limited edition and custom Kaiju and original David Horvath drawings.

I rarely leave the house during postal hours for fear that special parcel will arrive and I will not be here to sign for it and greet my new adoptee. This may sound like a pain, bur really it's a pleasure to wait, wonder, and feel that exhileration when the postal truck pulls up. If not today, maybe tomorrow.

Every new Uglydoll arrival is an event. But a handmade Uglydoll is the Main Event, the whole enchilada. David Horvath tells us this group of handmades is the last. So this arrival is especially sweet and dear. It will be a strange new world without handmade Uglydolls to look forward to. But David and Sun-Min have never made a wrong or bad decision concerning Uglydolls and their fans, so I trust where they are going and follow happily along. The news of the end of handmades has made the few I have all the more precious to me.

To see the object of my affection cast your eyes up to the photo. See the pointy-headed red fellow at the right of the photo? That's him. That's my Pointy Max. Is he not a dreamboat?

Moving from right to left: Pointy Max red, Big Toe, Cozy Monster blue, Batty Shogun pinkish, Pointy Max blue (brother to my Pointy), Batty Shogun red, Cozy Monster green, and half of Cozy Monster orange.

Not pictured are Ket, and all the other Uglydolls in the Mono colors.

Where is all this highly anticipated Ugliness coming from? Dehara and David Have Mono art show at Stitch in Tokyo.

It is unconfirmed, but likely that many of these new handmade Uglydoll styles will make their way into the retail Uglydoll line-up, but in other colors. That would be cool for you and for me. I would dearly love to have one of each. But money and fairness prevented me from having more than one. We were limited to the purchase of one handmade Uglydoll per person. And no, it wasn't too hard to pick just one. It was love at first sight with Pointy Max. OK, it was kinda hard. I wanted MORE! I admit. But I'm happy happy happy.

Please come tomorrow, Pointy Max!


  1. Pointy Max is really awesome! The gang and I are hoping that he has arrived! :)

  2. VMG, he has not arrived yet, but left Tokyo today. So VERY soon now. The excitement is almost too much for me. lol

  3. Handmades- no more? Ack! I missed the boat. Your new guy is a real cutie and I know he'll be in good hands.

    Also- I am still waiting to hear back about the fliers. WHAT is going on with it? I have no clue. I should ask David if he knows how to get ahold of the guy. I will if I don't hear back soon. I want one! And i feel so bad for failing my mission! So close, and I missed it. Ugh.