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Friday, January 28, 2011

Uglydolls 2011

I knew 2011 would be a GREAT year for Uglydolls. Just look at these!
Dave Darinko in grey.
Groody in bright green.
Brip in otherworldly color
Suddy in orange

Wow and double Wow!  I need to hold one of these right now.  I am especially smitten with Dave Darinko and Suddy.  The grey color is very appealing and reminds me of a grey handmade Fea Bea I fell in love with from afar. I still dream of that Fea Bea.  So I'm very glad of the grey.  Plus he helps balance the power of vividness from the other Uglys.

ORANGE is a top 3 favorite colors for me. Suddy!

But if you like your Ugly with more punch, there is a very punchy RED Dave Darinko for you to love.

David and Sun-Min!  Goodness.  Inspirational, unfathomable creative duo, I thank you!

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