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Monday, January 17, 2011

Hello I Kill You

When I first saw Hello I Kill You it scared me.  But then I saw darling Wedgehead looking up with love in his eye and I realized I felt just the way Wedgehead does about this monster.  The more I looked at it ,the more I chuckled, whilst quickly pushing the BUY button.

The back of the frame had a secret surprise. David Horvath signed it, and wrote "Gargamel Rules", and added a drawing of Wedgehead.  You don't notice this secret writing at first because David used a darkish pen on a  dark surface.  Very cool!

I placed it on a piece of furniture in a high traffic area so I can enjoy it many times a days.  I can hardly believe my good fortune to have this!

Comes from the Gargamel and Friends show at Rotofugi Gallery Dec 10, 2010 to Jan 9, 2011.