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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

The 99 Year Sleep Over

Through the years on the internet, my most treasured discovery has been Uglydolls and it's satellite community of collectors and fans.
The Uglydoll creators, Sun-min Kim and David Horvath possess a creative energy I still struggle to describe.  That energy does not remain static in their fluffy creations, but makes it's way out through their Uglydolls and into the world around them.  My theory is that it also has a magnetic property that pulls like-spirited individuals together to form a community that is kind, caring, and often quite generous.

To this spirit we owe our thanks for The 99 Year Sleep-Over Package. 
Our dear  friend Wadie shared the Ugly love by surprising us with a treasure trove of Dunny's  and Kaiju you see in the photo.  Our three Wedgehead's handled the unpacking as we oohed and aahed with each unveiling.
We'd never seen most of these Dunny's, and likely never would have if not for this package.
Series 1 Two-Faced Dunny Set is in the box.  It's a stunner.
Peppered along the shelf is Series 2.  The two Dunny's on the far left at not Horvath creations, but came along for the adventure.
Then there is Mothman.  He's a GID Ohio River Type edition of 50 from Uglycon 1, and was on my "Most Desired" list for some time.
These wonderful new additions to our Ugly Shire will have a place of honor is our home and hearts.

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