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Friday, October 21, 2011

FAO Uglydog now available!

  All Uglydolls are wonderful.  Some are extraordinary. This Uglydoll FAO Exclusive is EXTRAORDINARY!  He sports a colorful, soft neck warmer reminiscent of  the neck warmers on a couple of early handmade Uglydolls Sun-min Kim made long ago. I always wanted an Ugly with a neck warmer, and now I'll have one! And look at the rainbow teeth and sky blue eye. Now that's Hollywood good looks.

He's currently available at Toys R Us online, and at some of their stores.  He's not in my local store, so I'm grateful to find him online.

Toys R Us and FAO are now one company.  That's why the FAO Uglydoll on the ToysRU website.

This happy guy is only 19.95 plus shipping.
Limit 2 per household.
Did I mention he's a Limited Edition! And you know how that makes my collectors heart sing!

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