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Sunday, October 23, 2011

Friday, October 21, 2011

Here's Hopin

Here's hoping today's outing ends better than the last!

On the Hunt

It's a rainy day in the Ugly Shire. Dr. Max Abima is putting on his rain gear.  He's leading a quest to the local Toys R Us to try to find FAO Holiday Uglydog for our friends overseas!  Wish us luck. It's a serious mission. Check back here for quest results and photos.

FAO Uglydog now available!

  All Uglydolls are wonderful.  Some are extraordinary. This Uglydoll FAO Exclusive is EXTRAORDINARY!  He sports a colorful, soft neck warmer reminiscent of  the neck warmers on a couple of early handmade Uglydolls Sun-min Kim made long ago. I always wanted an Ugly with a neck warmer, and now I'll have one! And look at the rainbow teeth and sky blue eye. Now that's Hollywood good looks.

He's currently available at Toys R Us online, and at some of their stores.  He's not in my local store, so I'm grateful to find him online.

Toys R Us and FAO are now one company.  That's why the FAO Uglydoll on the ToysRU website.

This happy guy is only 19.95 plus shipping.
Limit 2 per household.
Did I mention he's a Limited Edition! And you know how that makes my collectors heart sing!

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Uglyween Contests at U-Fan Forum

This is Dr. Max Abima coming to you from the other side to invite you to join in the Uglyween fun at the U-Fan Forum!

Three Contests. Three Winners. Three Ugly Prizes. 

The theme for all the contests is, of course, UGLYDOLLS!

Photo Contest
Art Contest
Costume Contest

Contest submission deadline is Oct 26th at midnight.
Be sure to read the rules of the contest first!

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

The Fans Forum is Back!

After a near knock-out from a cyber attack, the Uglydoll Fans forum is back!  This is not the Official Uglydoll Fans Forum.  It's a separate, unofficial forum made by fans for fans of Uglydolls. Come join us, or come on back! U-Fan Forum

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Uglydoll Party Supplies

Forget the party.  Just get me the party supplies!  Dr. Max Abima and I are heading out this evening with our shopping crew to fill our baskets with Uglydoll confetti, tattoos, cups, erasers, hats, containers, swirls, masks, awards and wristbands.

Nope. We're not having a party.  We ARE the party!

By the way, I may "adopt" the Uglydoll pinata, but don't even think about hitting it!

I'm getting these Ugly goodies from Party City in my local town, but you can get them online too if you don't have a Party City near you. Click here. 

FAO Uglydog

Wow. Oh wow!

This is my favorite Uglydoll Limited Edition of the year!