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Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Rocket Ride Uglydoll Tin Toy

Oh. Oh. Oh. Oh.  Look what's coming in 2012!
An Uglydoll Rocket Ride Tin Toy.

Start at the top with that too adorable Ugly poking out, then let your eyes roam down the piece, taking in every swirl of color.  Then the pay off! Rorocket Rides with our favorite Uglydolls as pilots.  The Uglydoll magic is alive and well. No doubt.

A must-have tin toy for me.

Check it out here.


  1. Hey Sidd –

    We at Thumbtack Press have just teamed up with UGLYDOLL to photograph the Uglys outside their Uglyverse and in our human world. It’s an ugly match made in ugly heaven: The pioneers of open-edition lowbrow, illustrator, and character art prints, and the fastest growing plush and toy brand in the world.

    See for yourself:

    Will you help us spread the news? We’d be happy to do an interview or Q&A about this collaboration and/or the rest of our store. And of course we’ll readily reciprocate and promote your site and social media channels to our 14k+ Twitter followers, Facebook fans, etc.


    Barry Friedland
    TTP Owner & Curator

  2. Hi Barry. I was so happy to see your comment. Yes indeed The Ugly Chronicles would delighted to help you spread the news. We love Uglydolls and the creations of David and Sun-min and always look for ways, however small, to spread the love. I'm looking forward to putting together some questions and I will soon be contacting you through your website. (blogger doesn't give me return email addresses) SincerUgly, :) Sidd