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Tuesday, February 28, 2012


Uglee. A new word around the house.  That's the pure state of joy that comes from having our Uglydoll family.

We're glad to be back on the Ugly Chronicles after a long, unplanned absence.
Those of you who recently looked back through old posts no doubt noticed ALL of our photo links were broken.  That happened when we tried to update and organize our Flickr.
So a labor of love is under way complete with volunteers. We plan to attempt to find and restore the hundreds of missing photos over the next couple of months.
To our volunteers go the cookies!  Enjoy!

In the pic:  Strange Beast Bossy Bear Glee Version from Giant Robot. This fellow is extra special because he has a David Horvath tatt on his red cape!  David was very kind to sign him.  Thanks to GR for making it happen!  Since I'm about 1200 miles from GR, I would not have this Bossy without the help of others.
If you want one of these, you can still pick one up here. 

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