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Friday, June 1, 2012

Uglydog Gets Some Sun

We were alarmed to notice our tiny glass Uglydog was missing from his air-cushioned case.  Where in the world could such a little fellow be?

We sent out an all points bulletin to our Ugly Shire and soon discovered our tiny glass Uglydog is all Uglydoll indeed.  He took himself out to inspect his new digs and to get a bit of sun.   We found him proudly perched atop the glowing sun and shining just as brightly.

We coaxed him inside with cookies, a sure fire way to entice any Uglydoll. We'll have to keep an eye on this little fellow.

Uglydog is part of group of six Limited Edition Hand Crafted Glass Uglydolls just released.  Find one of your own right here.   Or get all six.  But be warned, they may be very tiny, but they are 100% full of the adventuresome Uglydoll spirit, so keep cookies handy if you need to find them.

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