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Tuesday, July 17, 2012


You want the good news first. I can tell.
That's perfect because with Uglydolls the news is ALWAYS good!

I just ordered three Uglybuddies. It was a tough choice but I went with Wedgehead, Wage and Babo  (with their Buddies of course).

These guys are about 9" tall and their Ugly Buddies are about 4".  The little Buddies have a cozy pouch to travel in, but I'm sure you could tuck a little something extra in there with him, like a special note, or Ugly savings cash.

Word around the Uglyverse is that these represent the first Uglydoll plush made in their new partnership with GUND who will manufacture  the plush Uglys in the future. (if you can call the birth of an Uglydoll "manufacture").  Don't be afraid.  This is also good news!  The co-creator, David and Sun-min still have the power! So all is well.
I've also heard these Uglybuddies still have the old Uglydoll tag, rather than the upcoming Gund tag.  So my collector heart must have them prior to the new tag.  Three down, three to go.

There is so much going on with Uglydoll these days my head is in a spin. But I will blog it soon!
They say blogs are a thing of the past.  I say, who cares.  I love doing it. So I'm doin it!
Grab you some Uglybuddies here. Just 20.00! That's only 14.77 for the larger Ugly and 5.23 for the buddie in his pouch.

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