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Thursday, December 27, 2012

Gratitude, New Years, and Maxxy Cyrus

Of all the things in the world I could have fallen in love with, I am SO grateful it was Uglydolls. It could have been anything from exotic wines to figure skating. Wine makes me ill, and if you saw me, you'd know what a cruel joke a desire to figure skate would have been.

But it was sweetly and blessedly Uglydolls.  Not a day goes by that my life is not filled with their antics, their laughter, and adventures. And when we're having a day off the fun, other members of the Uglydoll community are right there with a quick photo or kind word.

When I look back at the day before I met my first Uglydoll I am aware of the absence of color, the flat dimensions my house had before they took over every wall, nook, and chair and I'm grateful.

Dr. Max Abima is grateful too.  He's grateful to Miley Cyrus the for inspiration to try something new.  And he's grateful of Sun-min Kim and David Horvath for stuffing him with the  courage to be defined only by himself and  his limitless dreams. For the courage to be UGLY!!! 

Happy New Year Uglyverse!!!!

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