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Friday, August 22, 2008

A 25 cent grab

Who's that in Deer Ugly's boat? That's Koffing, a Nintendo plush from the early 1990's.
And he's happy to be aboard.

Was at a garage sale last week, plunged my hand deep into the 25 cent toy bucket, snaked down through a foot and a half of plastic cast offs, cupped something soft and round, and came up with this little purple ball. Brought him home, cleaned him up a bit, then did some research. Turns out he's Koffing of former Nintendo fame, and worth many times more than a quarter on eBay. He will, however, never see the auction block. We love him.

He is not, by the way, the Koffing ball toy that you can turn inside out. He is the original Koffing from days gone by. A real celeb.

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