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Friday, August 22, 2008

Mothman and Flatwoods are coming

Ok, I admit it. I'm still a kid. Formerly more a closet kid, I've busted out. And I find I am not alone.

Mothman and Flatwoods Swamp Gas Type are coming. I've dusted off my shelf (several times) in preparation. For weeks I'd look at that shelf and see Mothman in my minds eye, sitting there in his Swamp Gas glory, reflecting pink awesomeness. My vision did not include Flatwoods due to the extra cost of having them both. No, I was resigned to only having Mothman, listening to that practical voice within. But suddenly "practical voice" got laryngitis, and I bought the Mothman and Flatwoods set. And soon they will adorn my office window.

How did I make my decision among the very appealing versions of Mothman? It could have come down to the fact that most other versions are sold out. But I was lucky. My love was Swamp Gas, and by the time I saved enough cash to get him, he was still available. Makes up for all those other times I was too late.

I ran my "death bed" senario to make this decision. There I am, on my back, dying. I just knew I would look up and say, "I should have bought Flatwoods". Check one more potential regret from the I Wish I'd Done It list.

Give credit where credit is due. And I must give credit to Cinko, who is always at my side when I shop for Uglydolls, Kaiju, Noupa, or other prized items. Cinko is unfailing in his eye for a good bargain, and uncanny at winning auctions.

Further credits go to David Horvath for dreaming and designing Mothman and Flatwoods. To Wonderwall, kudos for making some of the best Kaiju in the world.

Important message: Never stop playing.


  1. That is the coolest Mothman I have ever seen! Was hoping David and Sun-Min would be at the Mothman Festival this year, since I live in the town famous for the whole Mothman phenomenon. They can't make it. :(

  2. Mary, you life IN the same town as MOTHMAN!?? I want to know more. Is there a Mothman Festival every year? I want to go!

  3. Yeah, I live in Point Pleasant, WV, where the Prophecy movie was made about, place where the infamous sightings happened, and the Silver Bridge colapse that Mothman supposedly was trying to warn people of. It's a small town, really small.

  4. What a cool place to live :) I'll have to see the Prophecy movie.