Welcome from the Ugly Shire!

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Kaiju in my window

My office window is transformed by the arrival of these amazing Kaiju. They all arrived on the same day. I juggled the boxes up the stairs and tried to decide which to open first. Finally, I grabbed a box knife and just went for it. Each box was more breathtaking than the one before, but nothing topped the glory of Clear Orange Wage, shown in the center. It's worth it to click on this photo to see a close-up of Wage.

The taller pieces are Mothman and Flatwoods Swamp Gas Type in pink, then El Grande himself, Clear Orange Wage, and Chupacrabra with the gold top notch. The little guys are all Uma. Each of these is from the creative genius of David Horvath of Uglydoll fame. The Uma are offspring of Mothman and Flatwoods, but not together, as I'd previously thought. Call me a romantic, but yes, I thought Mothman and Flatwoods were a couple, or at least met up sometimes outside work.

What is so appealing about this group of Kaiju? Where to start! Quality shows in every part of them, from David's design to the final product. They gleam in the light, and when backlight at dusk, or by the porch light, they radiate color and coolness. They are smooth to the touch, and are poseable. In his photo Chupacabra is seen with his head turned to the wide so you can see his face and the ridges down his spine. Chup's tiny arms are also articulated. Even the hoods pop off of the Uma Flatwoods, the little guys with the pointy heads. And if all that wasn't enough, Mothman and Flatwoods GLOW IN THE DARK.

They are fun to look and fun to touch. That to me is a collectors dream.


  1. Gahhh... so jealous I cannot form words.

  2. How brilliantly obvious! I think I can sew together an Ugly costume for her. I actually wanted to last year but she was small and I didn't have the time. She's a little more independent, so maybe I can find the time. Good Idea!