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Monday, January 12, 2009

Mrs. Kasoogi and Me

Discovery of the 2009 Uglydoll Catalog on the Uglydolls site had me pacing the floor with excitement yesterday. I could not sit down to write, but instead tossed the description of Mrs. Kasoogi into the mulling spices of my mind to see what would brew.

Mrs. Kasoogi is an Uglydoll with true paranormal interests and experiences who can understand my passion for such things. Already I'm planning to show her around some of my favorite Internet spots of aliens, ghosts, worms in space, UFOs, and other phenomena.

Short list of sites I think Mrs. Kasoogi will enjoy:

UFO Worm in Sky
The best view starts at about 1 min into the video.

More Worms in Space
This was put together from photos taken by a member of, a group of user-controlled remote telescopes in Chile, Australia, and Canary Islands. (Yep, that means you enjoy it from home) Go here to enjoy the discussion relating to this video.

And what's with the Big Hole on Mars!

It is also said she "enjoys details, such as where to find buried treasure and the secrets to life". Well, I don't know if a metal detector can find the secrets to life. We will try. However, the buried treasure is a definite maybe. She's coming in Spring of this year. That gives me just enough time to research metal detectors to find which machine combines powerful searching technology in a light-weight frame. Then together, Mrs. Kasoogi and I will strike out to discover what lies just beneath the surface. Waiting.

Note: Mrs. Kasoogi is scheduled to be released in Spring 2009. Her item number is 71341. Where to get her? Check here.


  1. I think Mrs. Kasoogi is super cool, and liked her on sight. I am definitely saving up my allowance (hahaha) to get her!
    Yeah, I was just on flickr and saw you had commented months ago and I hadn't noticed them! Sorry!
    I added a couple Ugly pics.
    Okay, checking out the links now!