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Thursday, January 8, 2009

Uglydolls in the News

Swinging from the backpack of Sasha Obama, Babo's Bird is now Uglydoll Elect. The secret is out of the bag, and Uglydolls are all over the big network news. All across the nation, and world people are awakening to the awesomeness of Uglydolls. Google must be fat with searches on the subject.

I'm not sure how I feel about the great big world focusing in on my tiny corner of bliss. I not only collect all things Ugly, but I covet them, hoard them, adore and protect them. They are sweet. They are vulnerable. And just as I'm sure the Obama's wish to protect their kids from over-exposure, I want to protect the Uglydolls. I want to round them all up in a safe little place and tell the world to go away.

It's not just about the dolls. It's about the lifestyle of collecting, trading, anticapting, and discussing Uglydolls. It's a small community of people who adore the creations of David Horvath and Sun-Min Kim, and I want to protect that too.

In reality, I can't protect Uglydoll from over-production, mass distribution, or over-exposure. Only their creators can do that. But I can hope that I don't one day find them hanging from the "impulse buy" end caps at supermarkets. Or see ads associating them with Buddhist Monks high on a secluded hilltop. I don't want to see them in a Happy Meal, on an antenna ball, or discarded in massive heaps in a thrift store.

Why? Because I love them. They are my friends, my Ugly family, and one of the most enjoyable aspects of my life. Because they deserve better. They are endowed with a quality that cannot be expressed on a blog. How do you describe their little softy soul that lives behind their big, expressive gaze? It's a quality that compels us to take them out with us, and photograph them in public places. They attend our parties, watch TV with us, sleep in the bed, travel on our holiday's, steal our cookies, make us laugh, put color into every day. Yes, this is beyond a collection for me, and I am not ashamed one bit to admit it. I'm a grown-up with toys, who plays with them everyday, and loves it.

There is a tendency in this country toward fads and excess. I hope my sweet Uglydoll's hold their own against the uber-commercialism that runs wild in the world today. I hope the Uglyverse is beyond all that. When that world is pressing in on me, I turn to the Uglyverse for renewal and joy. Being with them is like hitting the reset button on my heart.

On the other, less selfish side of things, I'm excited and happy to see the country take notice of the talented and lovely co-creators, David and Sun-Min. I can only imagine how cool it must be to see something you designed and produced get national notoriety. If they love that, I must be glad for them. David Horvath is such a positive thinking person, he might get a giggle out of my concerns. I'm glad the future of Uglydoll's is in his hands, and I hope it stays there.

So world, be kind to these soft, cuddly, sensitive, soulful, funny, trusting characters known as Uglydoll's. They are not just another toy. It's an adoption.

Note: Uglydoll Wage is pictured above.


  1. Sidd, we are on the same wavelength here. I just emailed you the same sentiment before I read this.
    I think David and Sun-Min have great judgment and would rather have a long run rather than a money-making craze that ruins our beloved Uglies' street cred. They are smart. On the flipside- if you try to limit the production to keep them from going mass-market then you have a supply/ demand disparity that the Ebay vampires will use to their advantage to rip people off.
    You know what's funny? Check out the word verification and interpret as you will:

  2. Hi Sidd! I couldn't have said that better myself! You have described how we all feel in such an eloquent way-my life has definitely been enriched by my Uglydolls and by the friendships among all of us who covet and protect them as well. I'm proud to be your flickr friend! :)

  3. Mary and VMG. Thanks for the comments. You two are part of my Ugly Family. No matter what the big ole world does or says, that will not change.

  4. Thank you for perfectly expressing how I feel about this sudden wave of attention on the Uglyverse. I too am one of those adults who plays with her Uglys every day. There is always an Ugly on my sofa, in my bed, going on vacations (and even a business trip), etc. I love them like you do, and all of this hoopla scares the daylights out of me! Also because the community of fellow Ugly collectors is awesome, and I have met some really great people over the years all because of Uglydolls!

  5. Wow. I totally understand and feel the same way for my uglydolls. Your post was very detailed and I almost cried reading your post. I too love playing with my uglydolls & love to seek refuge in them. I'm glad David Horvath & Sun-Min Kim say no to overly commercialising those Uglydolls. It'd be terrible to see them floating everywhere. And mistreated by people who don't care for them. :(

  6. Hi, you have been awarded a Lemonade Stand Award From ME!!! Check it out on my blog and pass the award onto others....

    You were chosen because your blog is entertaining and inspiring and I always look forward to reading it!

  7. Thanks for writing what I wish I could have expressed. One additional thought I have is that it is very possible that the First-family-elect understands and recognizes the significance of Uglydolls and all the goodness, overcoming obstacles, pride, humor, being good for good's sake. For those people who are not in the know, perhaps they will learn from the colorful plush characters. And as to the collectors (greedy people), that's their business. I'm sure that there's a non-judgement ugly. right? Better to focus on the uglies than the Obama girls, better to keep them out of the picture(s).

  8. Thanks to all my Ugly friends for the thoughts and comments.