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Saturday, July 25, 2009

Ready, Set, Go for Pink Babo

He's pure pink. Like candy, but better. And I would give all my candy to have him.
In just 12 hours from now, 20 of these delights will blow out of the Giant Robot booth at San Diego Comic Con. There will be no more. Only 20 ever made. He will live on the shelves of the select and lucky few. And he will live in my dreams.

In case you missed the announcement: Sunday, July26. SDCC Giant Robot Booth. 11:00 am.


  1. OH my gosh. Now I REALLY wish I was at con.
    So many limited things!

  2. did you get your babo yet?

  3. No, I didn't get a Pink Babo. I didn't get to go to SDCC. So he is just a dream. Did you get one hch?

  4. i'm sorry that you didn't get to go -__- ... but yes i did get one.. babo number 14 ^__^

  5. Hch! I'm so happy for you getting a Pink Babo. What does yours say on the bottom. I've seen the bottom of 3 so far, each with different drawing and notes.

  6. you'll have to send me links of those 3 bottoms. I posted the picture in the uglydoll forum.. Pink
    Babo kaiju SDCC available Sunday only