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Friday, July 17, 2009

Ice Bat Shock and Awe

Opening a box of new adoptees is always a new experience. No two Uglydoll's are alike. Usually there's the first lovely moments of squeezing and cooing. Then the collectors eye takes over for the closer inspection and appreciation.

But seeing our newest Ice Bat was a shocker. I mean, LOOK at those teeth. My mind scurried for an explanation.

The only teeth I'd ever seen sorta like these were on a handmade Ice Bat sewn by Sun-Min Kim. Could it be? That would be the BEST possible luck I've ever had. I don't usually win anything. I have the Uglies I have by numerous means, none of it luck.

My heart didn't have time to leap before my hand touched the hang tag and I knew it wasn't a handmade. They don't come with tush tags or hang tags. They have what I call the umbilical loop. That's a little loop of thread Sun-Min puts on them for display.

So what then? A fake? I hugged the poor thing and told him IF he was a zombie (a fake Uglydoll) I would still love and care for him. But man, if that's a fake, we all said, that's a REALLY good one. Great stitching, cute as a button, and perfect tags.

The suspense was heavy when I snapped a picture and sent it off to Uglydoll creator, David Horvath. He very kindly transformed our angst into joy by telling us that only a few of this style Ice Bat were produced, and that our boy is "pretty rare". Now if you are a collector, you know the emotion those words produce. Our family danced with joy, then sat staring in AWE at our new family member.

We also sent a pic to our Ugly friend Dean. He is one of the only other people I know who could shed light on this stranger. He said he'd seen one like this some years ago at FAO Schwartz. So with this piece to the puzzle, we think we probably lucked into one of those. (Thanks Dean !)

Yes, LUCK finally visited ME. And not just random luck, but personally tailored to me kind of luck. It is a sweet feeling indeed. I'm grateful for the visit, luck. Come any time!

Upcoming post: Our Ugly family spent the week of Ugly Independence Day, July 8th, on a fact finding mission as to the origins of Ugly Independence Day. What came before Ugly Independence? Our expedition was lead by Mr. and Mrs. Kasoogi. So check back soon to find what we discovered!


  1. How cool! That is great luck indeed. He's a cutie, so even if he were a zombie I'd still welcome him into the fold, too.

  2. OMG! Lucky you!
    (and can't wait to find out about Ugly Independence Day ^_^)

  3. Very cool Icebat you found! :) I still need a Babo with huge teeth! haha.