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Saturday, June 27, 2009

What a Croc!

Our hats are off to Crocadoca. He's handsome. He's debonair. He wears a fedora, and hangs out with the way cool Bossy Bear and Turtle. What more could you ask for?

Well, just look at that face. Now, imagine it.....glowing.

Don't strain your brain. Instead, click here.

Wowzer. Right?
That's a pic from Uglyblog. Those lovelies are limited edition Glow in the Dark Crocadoca's that will be available at the Toy Tokyo Booth at SDCC on Saturday from noon to 1pm, during David Horvaths signing session.

Got a fav? I'm liking the blue on blue version.

Want one? Me too. If I get any other info on the whereabouts of these fellows following SDCC, I'll post it here pronto. I'm thinking ebay fore sure. Hopefully there'll be a few left for retail release. We shall see.


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  2. I removed my last comment b/c it said I want one of these crocs but I am now getting one! Thanks so much for the mule recommendation Sidd!