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Thursday, June 4, 2009

Award Winners Winkolina and Trunko

It's official. Winkolina and Trunko win Parents Choice Award 2009! Woot. Woot. This is big.

Our Winkolina's wasted no time in stepping into their new role as award winning stars of plushdom. It's been a dizzy day of photo ops, interviews, and snacks. Trunko was delayed in travel and missed the photo set, so the Winkie's saved his snacks for him. In their tummies.

Being a proud Mommie of Winkolina's myself, I can only imagine how pleased Uglydoll creators David Horvath and Sun-Min Kim must be with this award. They are again to be congratulated for redefining plain and Ugly and transforming them into award winning qualities.

In in the midst of fun and festivites the question remains, however, on the minds of many. What about The Kasoogi's? Why were they passed over for this award? Were they even nominated? Were they ROBBED?

Mr. and Mrs. Kasoogi are unconcerned with such trivialities. They are thrilled for their fellow Uglydolls. An award for one is an award for all!

But still, the question will linger for those of us who love and admire The Kasoogi's. Maybe I need to be hit with the Ugly Stick!

Whack. That's better.

Want your own award winning Uglydoll? Click here to go to the Uglydoll Store. Winkolina and Trunko come in 4 sizes: Clip-on, Little Ugly, Classic Ugly 14", and 2 foot Ugly. There's one for every lifestyle.

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  1. YAY! I'm glad they won. They rule. I want some Kasoogis!