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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Turny Burny Uglydolls Are Out

My sources tell me that the much anticipated Turny Burny Uglydoll is poking his head up here and there in local stores. I can hardly wait to get mine. He's still a pre-order on most web stores, meaning you can put him in your cart and buy him, but they don't have him yet . However, a couple of ebay sellers appear to actually have Turny Burny in hand. Emphasis on appear. So that means he is rolling, floating, or flying to your local toy store right about now.

He's a two-sided Uglydoll in the spirit of Bop N Beep. You don't get two separate dolls like some people think. But in a way, you do. Just flip him.

Look at those amazing hands. Or are those flippers? You make the call. Love the whirlly curly ears. Or are those antenna? Or horns? Again, you make the call.
I like him a LOT. Once I meet him, it will be love.

He'll be offered in all four Uglydoll sizes:
  • Clip-on (roughly 4"),
  • Little Ugly 7",
  • Classic Ugly 12-14",
  • 2 foot Ugly (24" for those who missed that day in math).
  • Prices usually range from 6.00 to 50.00. Depending on the size of your need and your wallet you can pick the Turny Burny that is just right for you. Some savvy shopping will often yeild some discounts, such as reduced price, free shipping, bonus points toward other purchases etc.
Now remember, when you decide to adopt, keep pics, paperwork, dates, notes of interest, photos of the store, funny comments from sales clerks etc for your Uglydoll Memory Book. Click here to see earlier post on that.

BIG NOTE: Turny Burny also comes in a Black and White flip version. The white side has some very appealing red eyes.

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