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Thursday, June 18, 2009

Boatload of Bony's

This boatload of Littlebony's is excited. Why? Because some Bony relatives are coming. In a few days, we'll have more Bony's. And there's nothing better than MORE Littlebony's.

These Little guys are the smallest in the Bony line-up. But they have all the personality of their much bigger brothers.

Japan must be a really fun place, because they have the coolest crane prizes, kaiju, robots, and toys in general. These Littlebony's were crane prizes or capsule toys. Imagine putting in your money, lowering the crane boom, and coming out with one of these. Where I live we never get anything great like this from a crane game. Sigh.

Plus, Japan has the animated Littlebony show. But not here in the USA. Double sigh. Due to this deficite in material, I don't know all I'd like to know about Littlebony. I do know he's another creation from David Horvath and Sun-Min Kim. He's part of a show that is about the body and movement. He's cute to the tenth power.
The Bony offerings in Japan are vast. There are Littlebony bento boxes, cups, forks, keychains, (click for pic) plush toys in several sizes, books, and the list goes on. I saw a photo of a retail stop in Tokyo stuffed with Littlebony's. My eye nearly popped out.

Check back soon for the arrival pics of the new Littlebony's joining our family. There's even a Little Pinky, and she is.... PINK!

Are you now saying, I gotta have me some Bony's? If so, your work is cut out for you, unless you live in Japan. I think part of the joy of collecting is the waiting and watching for hard to find items. So get ready for some BIG joy. You'll need to watch eBay. If you belong to a toy collectors forum, you might pick some of from boardies. It's a waiting game where patience pays off. If this sounds like too much trouble and you decide to fly to Japan for the Bony's, email me! I have my wish list ready to go.
OR, you can click over to Giant Robot where they still have a very limited selection if Littlebony's in stock. Grab one while you can.