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Thursday, June 11, 2009

Golden Ugly Day of No Worky

This is Uglydoll Chuckanucka. We call him Chuck. He's wearing a new winter hat I found at a summer sale at REI for small money due to the off-season. This is the first beany style hat I've ever seen with a draw string to accommodate many head sizes. And it's so softy. Will I be able to locate this cozy hat come winter time? We shall see.

Here we find Chuck observing Golden Ugly Day of No Worky, June 11th. He hopes you were able to join him and just kick back.

If you missed it, Chuck thinks this holiday could float to a weekend day. So you're not too late.


Chuck has some brothers for adoption. Click here if you're interested. He's a charmer!

SPECIAL NOTE: Chuck was my first Uglydoll.


  1. I love Chuck! I'm glad he gets his own space to show off a new hat! I always feel he's such a neglected Ugly.

  2. I love Chuck too. He was my first Uglydoll, and because of him I have lots of Uglies to love. Thanks for commenting!

  3. So many Uglies. Great blog dedicated to your collection/uglydolls in general.

  4. Thanks, Coffman. I'm glad you stopped by.