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Sunday, June 7, 2009

It's Nap Day

A quick look at the Uglydoll Calendar and you know why these guys are all snuggled up in the middle of the day. June 7th is Nap Day. Already on their 3rd nap, these guys are planning to squeeze in a 4th. Why so much napping? Because tomorrow is UGLY DAY and they want to be rested and ready for action.

Early Alert: Thursday, June 11th is Golden Ugly Day of No Worky. Clear your calendar now. The rest will take care of itself.

The more you look at the Uglydoll Calendar, the more you see. And the more it sees you. Just because it's already June, don't think it is too late to get this awesome calendar. Just think of all the holiday's you'll miss without it. Plus there are the stickers. I'll try to scan in a sample soon to show you. The stickers alone are worth the price of a calendar. At least they are to me. I bought two calendars to get the extra set. If you want one, do a Google search for Uglydoll Calendar. At the time of those posting still has some, as do other retailers.

Pictured left to right: Clip-on Bea Fea and Chuckanucka, 14" Fea Bea, Series 3 Little Purple Chuckanucka, Sneak Preview Wedgehead, Series 3 Little Uglydog, Clip-on Uglyworm, Series 3 Little Fea Bea (aka Ugly Stick )
Want one? All except Sneak Preview Wedgehead are available at many online retailers such as Uglydoll Shop. Also, check your local toy store.

Now GO take a nap.


  1. That is funny, as everyone BUT ME here at the house has napped today. Make that ALL DAY! When is it Mommy Nap Day? I need to mark that day down.

  2. Let's write David and ask him to put a Mommy Nap Day on the 2011 calendar!