Welcome from the Ugly Shire!

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Mr. Yamada has arrived!

Mr. Yamada is here, after traveling all the way from the State of Maryland. We'd planned a big shebang to welcome him. But before he could get all the way out of his travel envelope our Abima Milton grabbed him up and has not let go. Here you see Milty, with his red arms wrapped tightly around his new esteemed friend. We've not heard one note of complaint in Mr. Yamada's tune. He seems perfectly suited to being worshiped and adored.

Mr. Yamada is a handmade plush toy limited to the one you see here. Now that's limited! He's the creation of the artist, Digitalized, and is his first venture into plush.

How did our Big Uglydoll Family happen to luck upon the Mr.? It was by chance. I'd say we rarely if ever win anything. But when we do, it's a lollapalooza. We won the chance to purchase Mr. in a raffle on the blog of the artist who made him.

Digitalized not only sent us Mr. Yamada, but also surprised us with several of his original drawings. Even the envelope Mr. arrived in was adorned with original art. Way cool. Of course we will be keeping any and all art, including the envelope.

Mr. Y's hang tag is also hand drawn, signed, and includes a little story of Mr. Yamada I will share with you.

"This one of a kind Mr. is lonely. Why? He doesn't have his suit case! See that long gap in his arms? Just waiting for a suit case..."

With Abima Milty to distract and entertain him, the days will fly by until his luggage catches up with him.

Our thanks to Digitalized for the awesome, one-of-a-kind, never seen before or again, Mr. Yamada.


  1. Thank you for the spotlight Sidd!
    As of now I hope to improve (alot) on making Plushes, and to see him come in other forms as well...