Welcome from the Ugly Shire!

Thursday, June 18, 2009

We have a new White Cat...Sorta

The Uglydoll Wedgehead on the left is our newest family member. He kinda snuck up on us, so he didn't have a welcome comittee. In true Ugly style, these two cuties stepped up to say hello.

The first thing out of the new guys mouth was "White Cat". When we asked his name, White Cat. Well, ok. That's fine with us. White Cat is it.

All our Uglies head right over to the Ugly Clinic where our Dr. Max Abima gives them a thorough exam. (He has the hands of a surgeon). There we fluff and clean, snip and sew as needed. For our new fellow, we began plucking white cat hairs off his body. We know there is a story there. But we also know not to ask.

Welcome Wedgie White Cat.

Pictured left to right" Wedgehead White Cat, Uglydog, and Wedgie Humphrey, who runs our home post office and message center. At a nickel per service, he is quite a bargain.

If you would like a similar package to arrive at your door, click here to be taken to the Official Uglydoll Store. Or google Wedgehead Uglydoll. Or check your local toy store. He may be waiting for you!