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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Scrap Book Fun with Uglydolls

Collecting Uglydolls is the best kind of fun. And once you have an Uglydoll Family there are all sorts of great projects to do with them. This is a page from my Uglydoll Memory Book. It is a combination scrap book and photo album.
To make this album, I got an Uglydoll Journal. This one has Ox on the front. Then I take pictures of my Uglies and print them out on regular paper, rather than photo paper. This makes them more economical, plus they lay flat in the book and aren't too bulky for pages that were meant to serve as a written journal. I also type up a bio, or other tid bit for the page. After cutting these items down to size, I use a glue stick and put them in.
Sometimes I load the picture into a program such as MS Publisher where I can arrange the text around the photo. Then I set the page size in Publisher to match the size of my journal page and print.
David Horvath, Uglydoll creator and artist, put darling little drawings of Uglydolls on each page of this lined journal. So when I can, I don't paste over his drawings, as seen in the example here. See little green Wedgehead and Ox in the bottom left corner? Other times I can't avoid it, and have to cover them up. I struggle with this aspect a bit, because it's hard to slap glued paper over the drawings.
When I get a new Uglydoll, whether it's from a retail store, a forum member, or ebay, I keep a record of when and where the adoption took place so I can add the information to my album. Sometimes the Ugly will have a special story or circumstance, and I'll note that. If the Uglydoll has a special event , such as in the example pictured here, I make a page for that. It's all just fun. So anything you decide goes, goes.
I have more ideas for Uglydoll Scrapbooking I'll share with you soon.

This is the front of the Ox Uglydoll Journal. It is normally used as a diary style journal, but can easily do double duty as a scrap book. You can't tell from the photo, but the book is soft and covered with fabric. It's actually cuddly. Ox is embroidered on the front with very smooth, light colored stitches, and he puffs out from the cover a bit. These journals are no hunk o' junk. They are squeezy, softy quality through and through. I have no end of enjoyment looking at the inside cover. It is completely covered in tiny Uglydoll faces. I'd show you, but I want it to be a surprise.
These Uglydoll journals come with other Uglydoll personalities on the front, such as Ice Bat, Uglyworm, and Babo.

They are currently available over at the Official Uglydoll Store if you want one for yourself. Or maybe two, or four. I have four. No. I have more than that. Anyway, you can use any kind of book you have to make your Uglydoll Family Book. So if you can't come up with one of these extraordinary journals, use what you have. Plock some Uglydoll pics on the front, and make it your own. Enjoy.


  1. Oh, that is too cute! I haven't gotten around to getting one of the Ugly journals yet but it is on my list of things to do.

  2. I can see little stories with pics of Violet pasted on those pages.
    I just picked up another on ebay from Goodwill for about 7.00 shipped. So the occasional deal presents itself. However, it may be written in, considering it's used. Paste and pictures, here I come.

  3. I love that idea!

    As of now all my Ugly tags are in my wallet.