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Sunday, May 31, 2009

Anticipation Glows in the Dark

Anticipation Glows in the DARK, comes in 6 colors, and his head turns! I grabbed this pic from David Horvath's Flickr to show what the buzz is about. Their release at San Diego Comic Con 2009 is still weeks away and people are already planning, plotting, saving and scheming to get their hands on these delightful Vinyl Ice Bat Mini Action Figures. Myself included.

I'm amazed that something so bright and exciting can also be so calming and wonderful. Minty and magical. Hot and chilly. Hypnotic yet holistic. Paradox.

To secure a GID Ice Bat, there are several possible strategies.

  1. Go to SDCC yourself and get your Ice Bat from the Uglydoll booth. This is by far the most reliable of all courses of action. So if you already have your SDCC ticket, great. If you don't, sorry. The tickets are now sold out for all four days.
  2. Find a mule. For those of you new to world of toy questing, this is a term used to describe a person who agrees to attend the event and purchase by proxy your wish list of toys. Some people mule from the goodness of their heart. They love collecting, and they want to share the love. They pick up your item for you and you pay only the cost of the item plus shipping. For others, it's strictly business and you pay for their service. Many mules fall in a middle category. They are collectors who want to help you out. They charge a modest fee that helps them cover the cost of the tickets and the purchase of their treasures. In any case, make sure you settle on all fees before the event. Also be careful to select a person with a reputation for honesty.
  3. Place a pre-order on ebay, where you will pay the ridiculously high price of over 100.00 for a set of 6. NOT recommended. See below.
  4. Buy from retailer after SDCC. Recommended!
  5. Go to Singapore and attend the Singapore Toy, Game and Comic Convention August 13th through the 16th. The Uglydoll booth will have some there.

This is what David Horvath had to say about availability of GID Ice Bats and SDCC.

"We do not make SDCC exclusives.
That has always been our company policy.

More info soon!

I would not go to Ebay for these though.

We will have them at the Singapore show in August as well."

What I take from this statement is that there will be stock left from SDCC. My guess is that the stock will be available at least through Giant Robot, and perhaps even other retailers. If you don't live near a Giant Robot store you may want to familiarize yourself with their web store prior to the release of the Glow in the Dark Ice Bats just in case the dash for the Bats if fast and furious. You know Ice Bats. They may fly out of there in a hurry.

As I sign off I'm picturing my six little GID Ice Bats, wing tip to wing tip, lined up along the edge of my shelf, shining happily, day or night. Anticipation Does Glow in the Dark.

Check back for updates.
Anyone with more info or more toy buying savvy feel free to share in the comment section.


  1. Is there a chance that any
    cases will be sold from the
    online Uglyshop?

  2. It will be interesting to see if the Uglyshop gets them. I'd say there is a CHANCE. Now I'm trying to recall their pattern. Do any SDCC items ever go to Uglyshop? No Sleepy Chilly Ice Bats. At any rate, I'll bet Giant Robot gets them first. :)