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Monday, May 11, 2009

Crocadoca and Turtle Vinyl's are HERE.

Well, not here on my blog. There are HERE, at Yoyamart.

Crocadoca is the newest release in the David Horvath line-up of vinyl greatness. This guy stands a full 5 inches tall, and sports a stylist blue fedora.

He joins Turtle who is also available at Yoyamart. Also availabe at Vinyl Fallout. These two jolly fellows are part of the Bossy Bear crew, who come to life in David Horvath's books.
You don't NEED the books to thoroughly enjoy these vinyl toys. However, who wouldn't love a Bossy Bear book? I love mine.

One of the many fun things about the new vinyl's from Uglydoll is their price. Turtle, Crocadoca, and Bossy Bear come in at around 14.00-16.00 each. The new Uglydoll Action Figures Series 1 are even more affordable at about 8.00 each. For those of us who have paid WAY more than this for Uglydoll vinyl, this sends the needle on the Satisfaction Meter up near the top.

These guys are so cool. The colors are vivid, the vinyl is top notch. I love the shape and feel. Enough cannot be said about those white teeth. They guarantee to encouraging smiles and laughter.

And if you know Bossy Bear, you know why I cannot post this blog entry without including his picture. So here you go Bossy Bear. Post it. Do it NOW! Ok.

At this time of this blog entry, Yoyamart is out of stock on Bossy Bear, however, he can still be had from Newbury Comics. And what a sweet price of around 10 bucks. Grab em while you can. Uglydoll vinyl merchandise has a knack for selling out. And you won't want to be without this trio of vinyl bliss.

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