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Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Circus Punk Pounda Finds a Friend

Our Wedgehead, "Fuddles", wasn't prepared for the Hairy Bright Green Glory that is Pounda the Circus Punk. Nor were we. Pounda is in a class by himself. Awesome. They should make a movie, "Being David Horvath". What a trip it would be to explore and experience the mind that creates such crazy goodness as Wedgehead and Pounda.

Circus Punk Pounda is one of those things whose essence cannot be captured in a photo. He must be experienced in person. A visual and tactile event of epic proportions. The hair is lush. The light dances off the edges and suggests a halo. He's taller and buffer than you would guess. A full 14" high including his hair. He's the same on front and back. The shape is tubular with a solid base heavy enough to allow him to free-stand. He's attached to this base with little nails or tacks, giving him the look of a by-gone era of handcrafting skills.

In fact, Circus Punks or Knock-Down Dolls have their origin in the 1930's. They were used for Carnival games where they were knocked down with balls to win a prize. Those early dolls were handmade and handpainted, and are highly collectible today. Pounda is stuffed with modern fibers, but the early dolls were stuffed with straw.

Pounda was designed, signed, and numbered by David Horvath, and is handmade by Circus Punks. Click here to go directly to their PUNKS page. And hold on to your hat. It's a wild ride.

My Pounda is number 32 of an edition of 150.

Want your own Pounda? He's no longer in production. However, he is sometimes available on that huge auction site.

You CAN pick up your own Wedgehead at Uglydoll Store.

Warning: Uglydolls can be addicting. ENJOY :)

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