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Friday, May 15, 2009

Preparing to Greet The Kasoogi's

Knowing Mr. and Mrs. Kasoogi will arrive any day now, we have throttled up our preparations. Of course there will be a full celebration in their honor, complete with out-of-this-world tasty treats. But how to entertain this pair?
Click here to see this great webcam The Kasoogi's will love. Pete's Pond is a streaming webcam located in Botswana, Africa. Day or night, a bit of patience will yield some amazing animal sightings. And even when there is nothing to see, there is always something to HEAR. So be sure to turn on your audio.
This webcam is hosted by National Geographic, so the quality it quite good. If you happen to land there at a slow time, be sure to visit the Pond again at a different time of day. You will be glad you did. Few of us will ever make it to Africa, so this may be the next best thing.
If you really love Pete's Pond and want to support the webcam, there is a Donate Button at the bottom of their page. Enjoy.

Note: You will need a plug-in for Firefox to view streaming webcam.
Word of Caution: You could potentially see the food chain in action. I haven't seen anything like that yet, but everyone's gotta eat.

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