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Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Mr. and Mrs. Kasoogi Hit the Road

Mr. and Mrs. Kasoogi have packed their bags and hit the road. We are in a flurry preparing for their arrival. These two adventurous Uglydolls will have some stories to tell, and our Uglies are always excited to hear a good tale. Mr. and Mrs. are bound to have plenty. Rumor has it they've seen a UFO. Maybe they've even been invited aboard??? We can hope.

Two of the stores I've checked have them in stock, ShopRockCandy and Uglydoll Super Store. They both offer free shipping along with some others tempting perks for your patronage.

ShopRockCandy offers free shipping using coupon code UGLY at checkout. If you purchase over 50.00, and easy feat when talking Uglydolls, you get a FREE Little Uglydoll. If you have a preference of which Little Ugly, and who doesn't, just specify the one you want in the Comments section of the order. If they have that Ugly in stock, it's YOURS. Whoo hoo hoo!

Uglydoll Super Store gives you free shipping on any Uglydoll item, a FREE Little Uglydoll for a purchase over 50.00, PLUS they give you Ugly Bucks for every Ugly dollar spent. You can save up your Ugly Bucks for free merchandise.

Mr. and Mrs. Kasoogi come in four sizes and price ranges, Clip-on Keychain, Little Ugly, Classic Size, and 2 Foot Ugly. There's something there for every taste and budget.

I've order from both stores. They've been dependable, fast and friendly.

This is what David Horvath has shared about Mr. and Mrs. Kasoogi:

"Mrs. Kasoogi is the boss in the family. She makes sure things run without snags and she keeps Mr. Kasoogi out of the cookie jar. That way there's more for her! Mrs. Kasoogi demands respect and attention. Attention to details! Small details such as where to find burried treasure, paranormal evidence, the secret of life, the secret to your best recipes, and the secret to finding enough time in the day to get things done. Things like naps."

"Mr. Kasoogi is a treasure hunter. He's had a lot of practice hunting for smaller items like candy, donuts, and even fruit. Now he's ready to take on the big challenges...But he needs a partner. Someone he can trust. Or maybe someone like you. Are you up for it? Will you be there when Mrs. Kasoogi turns the kitchen lights on and you're caught with your hand in the cookie jar? Yes? Good! You take the blame! Mr. Kasoogi doesn't mess with Mrs. Kasoogi."

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