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Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Glow in the Dark Ice Bat Action Figures

I would not have thought today could get any better. Then I looked at Uglyblog and saw these glowing orbs of color and Batitude. David Horvath let the Bat out of the Bag, and it is gorgeous x6. Six Glow in the Dark Ice Bat Action Figures in 6 different colors are to be released at San Diego Comic Con.

You get all six in the collection when you purchase a case. No chase. No mess. No worries. Just pure Ice Bat. I just can't take my eyes off this photo I copied from Uglyblog. Merzermizing and warm, yet chilly. How does David do it?

Let the plotting and planning begin. Just how do we Uglydoll fans who live too far from San Diego get our hands on the handsome GID Mini Ice Bats? It takes some effort, I can tell you. And some cash. And some luck. It doesn't hurt to have a Winged Abima to assist you. My Winged Abima has some secret magic qualities that can bolster the odds in my favor. And I plan to tap into that full force. I'll need it to land a box of these lovies. But I will. As David says, STAY POSITIVE. And I'm positive I'll find a way. It's love!


  1. These are going to be the first things I get at SDCC. :)

    Hi, Sidd!

  2. Okay Sidd, I updated the link. All good now. Haha, I've been watching for updates every time I log in and was unaware of any new posts. Sorry!