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Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Ghost and the Machine or Radio Wage

Ghost and the Machine, or Radio Wage.

Uglydoll Wage was assigned the task of emergency preparedness, a job he takes very seriously. First he stocked up on cookies, yummies, and container fruit juice. Babo is very relieved.

Wage then began to assemble the second tier of necessities. The little white Eton Emergency Radio is his newest arrival, and his personal pride. He chose well. This radio runs on several power sources: an AC adaptor, AA batteries, a rechargeable battery, and Wages favorite, the Hand Crank! The radio can run on the hand crank alone, or crank it to charge the battery. You can see Ice Bat and Plunko lined up for a turn on the Hand Crank.

The fun doesn't stop there. Wage's radio also has a built-in flash light on the side, can receive AM, FM, Weather Emergency channels, charge a cell phone, has a SIREN! Of course he's delighted.

Want your own Emergency Preparedness Manager? Get WAGE here.

Want your own Little White Super Radio? Get it here. Currently 20.00 off retail. That Wage is a shrewd shopper.

When asked what HE liked so much about the radio, Ugly Ghost didn't reply. I think it's a spiritual connection.

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