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Thursday, May 28, 2009

Almost Thawed Ice Cream Whippy

This is our Special Recipe for Ice Bats.

They love it.

ALMOST THAWED Pink Ice Cream Whippy

1. Ice cream. Enough for a serving for each Bat or person. Vanilla is my fav. It doesn't compete with the red flavors of Jello.

2. Red Jello. One box is enough for several servings. But if it's a big group, make more. Chill it up solid. You know Bats!

3. Your favorite whipped cream.

Take your Ice Cream and Jello. Get a blender or mixer out. Start to blend up the Ice Cream after you have let it soften a bit. When the Ice Cream is soft enough, fold, blend, and whip the Jello into the Ice Cream. Oh yum. The Ice Cream will turn a lovely shade of pink, like Pink Ice Bat! Don't whip it so much it turns to soup.
Top it with some Whippy Cream and enjoy.

The Ice Bats go wild for this one. So will you.

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