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Friday, July 24, 2009

First Mate Trunko almost on board

I'm so excited I can barely type. First Mate Trunko is nearly on board, along with his luggage. Let's see. What will he have in his duffel bag?
  • A complete set of the new Uglydoll Glow in the Dark Ice Bats. These are the new 3 inchers just released at SDCC.
  • An additional blind box GID Ice Bat for my sweet friend.
  • New Uglydoll totes. Whoo hoo!
  • Uglydoll postcard from SDCC with drawing of First Mate Trunko, signed by David Horvath. It says, "To Sidd". Insert big, dreamy sigh.
If you big up the picture, you can see the drawing pretty well.

SDCC must be a most amazing adventure. And one I surely hope to make myself someday. This year my gratitude goes out to Dean, for making it possible for me to anticipate this wonderful package. It helps to have friends in Ugly places!

Notes: First Mate Trunko. Yep, he has wings. As far as I know, he is a limited edition of 500. They are already popping up on ebay. I will post when I find other sources if they do not all sell at SDCC. I suspect Giant Robot will get some.
Notes: Glow in the Dark Ice Bats. Released at SDCC, however, they will be available from selected retailers per David Horvath's blog. Will post a list when I find out. Also already on ebay, but hold out for retail if you can. It will be a better deal. If you buy a box of 6, you will get one of each color. There is no chase item in the set.


  1. Omigosh! Didn't you get a crocadoca?
    And sweet postcard drawing!

  2. No. I passed on crocadoca because I already the standard issue crocadoca that I love. So I invested elsewhere.
    Yeah, that is a great drawing. David is beyond talented.