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Monday, December 21, 2009

Uglydoll Solstice Fun

Many of you will recognize our Dr. Max Abima in his clever Holiday disguise. He delights in making people smile. For Solstice he accomplished that goal in the local Starbucks. Who could look at that face and not feel the love?

Always the fashionable Ugly, he wore a nice set of Gama-Go buttons.

After meet and greets at Starbucks, we all headed to downtown Olympia to visit our local toy shop, Wind Up Here. We planned to browse and hug our way through the piles of Uglydolls and perhaps add to our family.
Mission accomplished: Meet Plunko.
We did adopt, but it didn't go exactly as we'd imagined. Plunko here was the ONLY Classic sized Uglydoll left in Olympia. He caught my eye through the big picture window in the storefront, and had me at hello. I adore him, and feel so very grateful to have found him. He immediately offered to help me set up an online business in my spare time, so this guy is a go-getter. I could use a little more getter in my go.

The staff at the toy store were so kind and helpful and made us feel welcome They even wound up robots for us to enjoy. One employee was especially fond of Uglies and had a handmade name tag with Uglydoll pics on it.

Our Little Wedgehead "Jammer" jumped into Dr. Max's bag when we left the house. Max proudly showed him off to everyone.

One of the highlights of our day was watching the expression on people's faces as they looked over the few remaining Uglydolls at Wind Up Here. Their eyes would go all dreamy, they'd sigh and smile, or laugh. We saw two Little Uglies get adopted as we waited, a Little Trucko and Little Wage. Uglies just warm the heart.

I was impressed with those nifty metal robots in the store. They wind up and walk. One called Chief Robot has a light that flickers in his chest while he walks. I foresee a metal robot collection in Dr. Max's future to go along with his button collection and Steven the Bat collection and.......

Happy Solstice Everyone!

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