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Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Uglydogs Blue New Year's Eve

This is Bluedog and his friend, Buzzbee. Bluedog is a classic sized Uglydoll Uglydog, not to be confused with a bluedog democrat.

This New Year's Eve Bluedog is planning his Blue Moon New Year's Eve gathering to ring in the new year and to celebrate the Blue Moon that occurs on New Year's Eve only once every 19 years. His next Blue Moon party is scheduled for New Year's in 2028. And you're invited!

Mrs. Kasoogi tells him the moon will not be blue, but rather is the second full moon in a month. Bluedog doesn't care. He's knows blue can strike where you least expect it.

If the moons not blue, he won't be disappointed because he will be with his friends and family and plans to shine so bright blue himself that no one will miss the moon.
HAPPY NEW YEAR to All Our Friends!

If you would like to adopt your own Blue Uglydog, head on over to the Offical Uglydoll store link on the sidebar of this blog. There's a sweet fellow waiting there for you.

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  1. Oh wow! He is really almost Klein Blue, isn't he? Gorgeous!