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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Tin Toys from Uglydoll

I'm dancing for joy! Tin Toys from Uglydoll. Trucks, cars, robots, more! I just hauled this image over from David Horvath's Uglyblog. I am SO excited. Uglydoll will debut their latest creative endeavor February 14th at Toy Fair.

I've loved Tin Toys my whole life. I lost my entire Tin Toy collection when my storage room was broken into and cleaned out. I never had the heart to begin again. Until NOW! I'm already planning the location of my new shelves.

This was so totally unexpected. I'm always trying to guess what Uglydoll will do next. I'm never right, but it's fun to guess. (Ok, how could anyone have GUESSED First Mate Trunko.) I didn't even come close to guessing this one! Tin Toys! Way to go Uglydoll!

As soon as I can find some, I will post more pics.

Wanna see something fun? Click here. This is robot webpage for Schylling who will be making the Uglydoll Tin Toys.

My dreams will be filled with hopes that my beloved Wedgehead will someday be a Tin Toy! Gulp.

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