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Thursday, January 28, 2010

Uglydolls 2010

I made a little collage of the Uglydoll line-up for 2010. So far, Pointy Max (bottom left) and Picksey (on his right) have been released.

You can get them from the Official Uglydoll Store linked on the sidebar of this blog.

The blue fellow is Ket. He has some great handlebar ears that didn't fit in the collage.

He is like the Pink Kitson Ket in an earlier post, only blue!

When I get reliable release dates, or even semi-reliable rumors, I'll post them.

Who they are: Top row, left to right: Wippy, Nandy Bear, Ket.
Middle row: Batty Shogun, Cozy Monster.
Bottom row: Pointy Max, Picksey, Mynus

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